With DanceStudio-Pro’s dance studio apps, you can collect tuition and payments, send communications, and access more functionalities all on-the-go.


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DanceStudio-Pro's Studio Manager App

The Studio Manager App helps studio owners, teachers, and administrators stay plugged into your studio at all times. Designed by dance studio experts, this user-friendly app allows you to connect with your entire dance studio family, seamlessly manage transactions, send off mass communications with a click of a button, and more. As you grow your dance studio, your app will scale with your business and empower you to manage an unlimited number of students. 

The DanceStudio-Pro Studio Manager app makes it easy to manage your dance family.

As a DanceStudio-Pro user, you can download the Studio Manager App from the App Store and Google Play and log in with your DanceStudio-Pro credentials. You'll receive free access to these mobile-friendly features for studio managers: 

  • Tuition Management and Payment Processing
  • Auto-Pay and Point-of-Sale System
  • Robo-Mailer
  • Studio Chat and Push Notifications
  • Class Manager for Teachers
  • And so much more! 

DanceStudio-Pro's Portal App

The Portal App is intended for parents and adult members to stay up to date on all the latest information about their student’s dance studio. This dance studio app has all the same functions as the web-based portal, with the added convenience of downloading it directly to your smartphone. Whether parents need to register their student for classes or access their student’s dance schedule on the go, the Portal App has your dance family covered.

With DanceStudio-Pro’s dance studio apps, your parents can stay in the loop at all times with several comprehensive features, including the ability to register for classes, contact your studio, and enroll in auto-pay.

As a DanceStudio-Pro user, you can download the Portal app from the App Store and Google Play and log in with your DanceStudio-Pro credentials. You'll receive free access to these mobile-friendly features for parents: 

  • Online Class Registration
  • Online Payments and Store Access
  • Weekly Student Schedules
  • Studio Chat with Push Notifications
  • Purchase Recital and Event Tickets
  • And so much more!

Learn how our apps for dance studios can transform the way you manage your dance family.

Tuition Management and Payment Processing

  • Post student tuitions and enable parents to view account balances
  • Use the integrated point of sale system to create an online store
  • Give parents an easy way to purchase items like leotards, ballet shoes, and more
  • Set up auto-pay to streamline the payment process for parents
  • Share notes with parents on the Bulletin Board, such as payment reminders

The Studio Manager dance studio app allows you to conveniently track and view tuition and payments.


  • Automate emails to be sent in advance
  • Share important attachments, including PDF files, images, and videos
  • Segment your communications by classes or groups, or email students individually
  • Keep your dance families in the loop with important updates and reminders

Online Registration

  • Empower parents to select the season and class they intend to register students for
  • Share waivers that can be electronically signed and submitted
  • Gives parents the ability to click to make a payment to secure a dancer’s spot in a class

Student Schedule Viewer

  • Give parents the ability to view their dancer's schedule, from upcoming classes to recitals, on the go
  • Access a print version to download and print a copy of the weekly schedule
DanceStudio-Pro’s Portal App for parents and adults makes it simple to manage their student’s schedule, payments, and more.

Class Manager

  • Take student attendance and print roll sheets
  • Use the time clock
  • Book private lessons with students
  • Access lesson plans on the fly
  • Manage class notes, music, and costumes
  • Add students to a class
  • Record feedback about a student’s performance during class and share this with the parent in the Portal App
The Class Manager feature of the Studio Manager app for dance studios allows teachers to manage class notes, take attendance, and more.

Studio Chat and Push Notifications*

  • Facilitate 2-way communication between your studio and a specific parent, groups, teachers, classes, and users
  • Receive push notifications about chat
  • Add emojis, images, and files to make your communications more engaging

*Available with Premier only

DanceStudio-Pro offers an easy way to stay connected on its dance studio apps with a streamlined chat feature.

With DanceStudio-Pro’s apps, you can invite your entire dance family—from studio managers to parents—to stay in the loop with your dance studio at all times. Use DanceStudio–Pro’s apps out of the box with no extra cost to your studio, or work with our partners at Mobile Inventor to customize the apps to your dance studio’s branding for an added personal touch. 

Managing and connecting with your dance family doesn’t have to be difficult. Harness the full potential of your dance studio by using DanceStudio-Pro's powerful apps!

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