Why studio owners choose DanceStudio-Pro over Jackrabbit

DanceStudio-Pro transforms talented teachers into successful business owners.

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What makes DanceStudio-Pro different from Jackrabbit? 

-Low monthly rate for unlimited students

-Mobile responsive for parents & studio owners

-Fully integrated payment processing with ACH

-Made specifically for the dance industry

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"Before I bought the studio, I was a teacher and the owner was using Jackrabbit. I found it very confusing - not to mention, expensive. When I became the owner, I wanted something simpler and more affordable. DSP was the answer."

Becca, Studio Owner, Australia

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All the features you need for:

  • -Registration
  • -Tuition
  • -Communication
  • -Recital

...at an affordable monthly price.

Why have studio owners made the switch from Jackrabbit to DanceStudio-Pro?

Mobile Responsive 

Studio owners have found it easier to manage their studio on the go with our mobile responsive software

Fully-Integrated Payment Processing

No need to login to two systems for payments! Manage your finances right within DSP.

Made for Dance Industry 

All our software is specially designed for dance. Every feature is built with you in mind.

What other studio owners have said:

"DSP is the best platform for studio owners since you have it all in one place. They have an amazing staff always ready to help you simplify your operations and support you along the way.

Ana, Studio Owner, Florida

DSP is amazing. I love how they are constantly evolving and looking how they can make things better. I have been with them for at least 6 years and they have added so many features since then. They have a great system!

Cassandra, Studio Owner, California

Our studio loves DanceStudio-Pro! It has made life so much easier with billing, online payments from students, registration and so much more! Can't live without it!

Hazel, Studio Owner, South Carolina

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